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Websites, Social Media, Search Engines Optimization, e-Mail Marketing, Local Directories!

How can a small business know how to do it all?

Our Internet Marketing Workshops are held at your site with hands-on training. Your business gets established on the internet correctly, and you are ready to market like a superstar!


Marketing Plans & Strategy

Marketing without a strategy is like building a house without blueprints.  A marketing strategy answers questions: What solutions do you offer?  Where is your audience? What differentiates you from the competition?  Who are your best successes?

A good marketing strategy outlines the best methods to promote your business products and services


Managed Marketing Services

For most small business owners, marketing is an activity that happens in spare time. They need marketing solutions that deliver qualified and profitable prospects yet don't have time to focus their efforts. 

Our Managed Marketing Services are designed to provide continuous marketing activity, while maintaining an acceptable return on investment.


Mentoring for Better Marketing

"The Web has become more personal, social and responsive"

The "barrier-to-entry" to add, modify and promote yourself on the Internet has been lowered so that any of us should be able to do it.  Calibrate Marketing & Mentoring was founded to answer the small business's question "... has changed, what do I do now?"

If you've come to this site, you are most likely a small business owner, or maybe a sales manager who is also in charge of marketing.  Perhaps you are in traditional marketing or public relations and you have noticed that the older approach to marketing and Public Relations is not pulling as well as it used to.  You're wondering what comes next.  While you are not sure what to do, you are reasonably sure that people are not blindly responding to typical advertisements or traditional marketing.

Perhaps you are a web developer, a technologist, or a "Social Media Guru", officially or otherwise.  You've read all about "Web 2.0" and how you need to be "joining the conversation".  You follow some blogs, perhaps have signed up for RSS feeds and a few podcasts, and, although your title doesn't say it, you are the bridge between your boss and the new media.

You want to understand all of this, are looking to improve yourself and how you do business over the web.  We're here to help with actionable information and managed services, fully open and supported with the thought processes behind why we do what we do on the Web. 

To get started, browse this site or give us a call at 203-297-7043 to outline your specific requirements

Content Marketing is one of the latest buzz phrases being associated with Internet Marketing.  It describes marketing methods that use information, education and entertainment to make the sales process easier.  It is not a new concept though.  Many marketing efforts use these methods; Trade-show presentations, advertorials that are advertisements written as an editorial, and my favorite sales pitch from 1976 - Jim Henson's video to pitch the Muppet Show to the top brass at CBS.

Muppets_VideoThis video definitely informed the managers at CBS what the Muppet Show was all about, especially as the the idea of putting a puppet show on prime time was incredibly risky, and it is entertaining.  While you do not need to be as creative, you can offer content that demonstrates your product, solves a potential problem or addresses an unknown need, without the "pushy" sales effort.


How to do Content Marketing?


Content Marketing refers to building information and freely sharing it with your audience to build a relationship of trust.  By offering content to them for free, you are qualifying your prospects, as only those that have an interest in your content, and thereby your product or service, will  opt-in to receive additional content via e-mail or other vehicles.  By offering this content for free, you are providing value that helps convert prospects into customers and promotes customers into frequent buyers.  Additionally the frequent and repeated exposure that the prospect has to you through the content marketing builds a relationship that provides multiple conversion attempts, rather than the "one and done" sales approach.  A successful Content Marketing program starts with a Content Marketing Plan


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  • Jon is a detailed team manager that is willing to roll up his sleaves and find a solution to a problem that benefits everyone involved. He is the type of person who will work tirelessly...
  • Jon's enthusiasm and tenacity set an example for the entire organization. He was the first to recognize the need to shift our model toward "solution" selling, and away from simply moving...
  • Jon brings energy to his department's marketing agenda and a commitment to strategic objectives. He is a tireless and enthusiastic manager! ~Alyson Flynn
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Calibrate (cal·i·brate): to measure precisely;
especially, to measure against a known standard

Marketing ROI is directly related to the knowledge, focus and skill-level of the person in charge of your marketing.  What gets measured, improves.
~Jon Dupree

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